Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Big Surprise Event Marathon!

Dear World of Fishing Community! We are incredibly happy to announce that we can launch new events again! Yes, we are back in business! After such a long wait it is only natural that we kick off with a big surprise event marathon, so prepare for new bonuses once every few days! With more fortune […]

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September Patch Notes are now available

Hello dear Fishing Fans! Here is a short overview what has changed with our latest September patch! This are the changes: Help feature implementation, Notification system implementation, Game and Level balancing, Updated installer and launcher, New content (shop items, bgms, textures),New Game Master Tool (expect events) You can check the full patch notes on our forum. Happy Fishing!

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Patch 8.9.2015

Dear WoF Community! While everyone is waiting for the open beta, we haven’t been idle either, so we present you this big patch! We are very happy to announce a big patch for September 8th 2015 that will let you test the new features of the upcoming Open Beta! Thanks to your invaluable feedback we […]

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