1 – How do I register for World of Fishing?

You can register for the game on our website www.worldoffishing.net. When you have entered an e-mail and password, accept the terms and conditions and click on ‘PLAY NOW FOR FREE!’. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. Click the link in this mail to complete your registration. When the registration is successful, we will send you a final welcome e-mail.

2 – How to register for World of Fishing on Steam?
  1. Launch the game. Click the “Register!” button in the login menu.
  2. Set your e-mail and password for the InselGames account on the website. Accept the Terms of service and click “Register now!”.
  3. Go to your chosen e-mail inbox and click the confirmation link from the World of Fishing registration mail.
  4. Your account has been succesfully confirmed and can now be used to login into the Steam version of World of Fishing.
3 – How can I play the game?

You need to download the World of Fishing game client from our website. Click the download button on the website to save the setup files on your computer. Now run the file ‘WorldOfFishing_Mini_Install.exe’ to launch the setup. Once the setup is complete, open the launcher by running the file ‘WorldOfFishing.exe’ and click ‘Play’. Log in with the e-mail and password of your WoF account. Now you can create a new character and start fishing!

4 – How can I apply patches and updates?

When you start the launcher, it will automatically check for new updates and install them. The yellow “Play” button will appear. Click the button, to play the game. If you encounter install problems with the installation, you might solve the issue with a click on the “File check” button.

2. First steps

How can I create a character?

After the login, you are directly in the character creation menu. Here you can select between a male or female character with six different appearance. Here you can also decide the very first attribute for your character. Click the “Create character” button to enter your own name. Click “create” and your character is created. Note: You are able to create up to three different characters per account.

How do I receive quests?

You can find a “Quest” button in the bottom right menu bar in the main menu. By clicking it you will open a bar showing a variety of quest givers. Each quest giver has different types of quests: Scenario, General, Event and Daily. The further your progress in the game the more quests and quest givers are available for you. You can have up to 20 open quests. When you complete a quest, you can just click “complete” in your fishing session quest bar or go back to the quest giver and click “complete” to get your quest rewards there.

How do I start a fishing session?

Go to the main menu and select the Freestyle mode. Now choose a region and enter one of the channels. Select a location from the map that fits your level and make sure you have the necessary fishing gear equipped. You can start playing right away by clicking ‘Quick Join’. Alternatively, you can select a specific room from the room list or create your own custom session by clicking ‘Create a Room’.

What is the difference between Freestyle and Team Match mode?

The Team Match mode is a VS-Mode where you can compete with other players in a timed Team match. The Freestyle mode is a free mode, where everyone can fish in small groups or by themselves in all available locations. There is no competition in this mode.

3. Fishing

How can I catch fish?

When you are in an active match, you can drive anywhere on the map and start fishing by pressing ‘C’. Cast your line and wait until a fish is hooked (make sure you are using the correct bait – hover over the fish in the top right corner to see which bait they prefer). When a fish is nearby, wait until the floater gets pulled underwater. Then quickly pull back your rod by clicking the left mouse button and pulling back your mouse. Now you need to keep enough tension on the line until the fish is exhausted. Careful though, try to make sure the line doesn’t snap and don´t let the fish go too far away from your boat!

How do I earn experience and level up?

For every fish you catch and every quest you complete, you will be rewarded with experience. When you have enough experience points you will reach the next level. Each level-up grants you a few skill points that you can distribute to improve your character’s fishing abilities.

What can I do with the fish I caught?

When you catch a fish, you can choose whether to release it or to store it in your water tank. You can access your water tank from the menu. The fish in your water tank can either be sold for shells or put into your aquarium. In your aquarium you and your friends can admire the big and beautiful fish you caught.

4. Equipment

How can I get new items?

You can purchase a wide range of equipment in the item shop. There are two types of items offered: blue and gold. Blue items can be bought for “shells” and gold items for “pearls”. Some additional items can be purchased in the ‘C-Coin’ tab of the shop in exchange for C-Coins.
Shells are the ingame currency and can be earned by catching fish or completing quests. Pearls are the premium currency and can only be bought for real money. C-Coins, are awarded as a daily login reward and can be bought for pearls.

How can I use the Upgrade feature?

Click on the “Upgrade” button to get to the upgrade menu. You can upgrade rods and reels to make them more effective. Items you want to upgrade have to be in your inventory. To upgrade an item you need a rod or reel, an upgrade orb and optional an additional special bonus item. If you succeed you will get points on your item. When you reach 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 point on one item, you will get an additional bonus for each rank. If you fail to upgrade you will lose points to a minimum of 0.

Which fishing gear should I equip?

Besides your boat, you always need at least a rod, reel, line, bait and hooks equipped to be able to fish. You have a standard  fishing gear that can not be sold, which means you will always be able to go fishing. You can buy more advanced equipment in the shop, which will make it easier for  you to catch big fish and to customize your appearance!

5. Features

How can I find and use the lucky coupons?

While playing you will get lucky coupons from time to time, especially when you failed to upgrade an item. You can use the lucky coupons to buy items from Jenny. Click on “quest” and browse the quest givers until you reach Jenny. Under the tab “daily” you can buy items for your lucky coupons.

How can I use the mail system?

You can open your mailbox by clicking the “Mail” button. There you can see all e-mails you received or sent out. If you have bought a item for pearls in the shop, you will receive this item via mail. The bought item will be attached to the mail. Select the mail and click the “receive” button, you get the item transferred to you inventory. You can also delete selected mails.

6. Pearls Shop

Can I buy something in the Pearl Shop while the game server is down?

No. When the servers are in maintenance mode, the Pearl Shop is not active. You can still enter it, but you cannot buy anything.

During the transaction process I am prompted to select the country for VAT, which country should I select?

You should select the country where you actually live in, as VAT is country specific. Choosing another country will result in the transaction being aborted.

How can I buy something just with my voucher?

– If you have a voucher that has the same or higher value as a for this voucher valid pearl package, (example: 4,99€ voucher and a 4,99€ package) you can just enter the voucher code in the field in the package details. The price for the package will than be reduced to 0€ and you can claim the package without using payment methods.

– Please note that the rest value on the voucher is lost after the purchase, if the voucher value is higher than the package price (Example: 10€ voucher on a 4,99€ pearl package, the rest 5,01€ from the voucher are lost).

How do I buy something in the Pearl Shop?
  1. Login in the Pearl Shop via ingame button (top right or inventory)
  2. Click on a package (click “detail” button, name or image)
  3. Optional: Enter a voucher in the field under the image.
  4. Click “Choose”
  5. See summary of your purchase and click “buy”
  6. Select your home country and  payment method and click “buy now”
  7. Follow instructions for your selected payment method and complete your purchase.
  8. Find your Pearls ingame, after the final confirm message from the Pearl shop (your transaction is claimed)
How do I use my voucher when buying an item in the Pearl Shop?

After clicking a package you find a field for your voucher code. Enter the voucher and click choose. The voucher code is only devalued if the transaction was successful.

I am on vacation in some far away country but still want to buy something from the Pearl Shop, what then?

We are honored that you play our game instead of actually going on a tour or something! You should still select your home country, do the transaction and if it fails, contact support and they will set up a workaround for you.

I had no problem buying the pearls, but they are not on my account. Why?

To update your account with the bought pearl you have two options.

  1. Restarting the game: Pearl will update automatically.
  2. Click “OK” on the second message that pops up when you enter the pearl shop via the game. If you have clicked it already, you can just restart the game or enter the pearlshop via ingame button to get the message pop ups again.

Also note, that it is important that you created a character on the “World of Fishing” servers. When there is no character created the Pearls can´t be transferred.

I have a problem and don’t know what to do!

Contact our support via the support-button on the lower right corner of the Pearl Shop or the website and we will help you as best we can!

My voucher is not working. What happened?

There are four options why a voucher code is not valid or usable any more:

  1. Voucher code expired.
  2. Voucher code was only valid for specific package (Example: minimum package price 9,99€)
  3. Voucher code was tried to be used more than one time per account.
  4. Voucher code was part of a group that has the restriction that only one voucher per group is usable per account.
The Pearl Shop is not reacting anymore.

In this case try refreshing the page or close your browser, restart it and try again.

There is an error in the Pearl Shop and I don’t get any Pearls!

This is most probably because your internet browser has cookies disabled or severely restricted. The cash shop needs to use cookies in order to work properly.

Here is how you allow cookies:

Internet Explorer

Gear icon (top right) -> Internet options-> Privacy

Set regulator to medium or lower to enable cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

Three-bar icon (top right) -> Options -> Privacy

Under the “History” section, select “Remember history” in the dropdown menu.

Google Chrome

Three-bar icon (top right) -> Settings -> show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings

Select cookie option: Allow local data to be set (recommended).

What is the Pearl Shop?

In the Pearl shop you can buy the premium ingame currency “Pearls” for real money. You can buy exclusive pearl items in the ingame shop. Pearls are shared with all the characters of one account.

Currently the Pearl shop runs special founder packages, that will grant special items for the final start of the game.

What payment options exist?

Currently, the following options are available:

– Visa/Mastercard (kreditcard)

– PayPal

– Paysafe cards

– Click&Buy

– Payment with mobile phones

– Sofortüberweisung