Love is in the air

Hello Fishing fans,

It’s that time of year that love is all around us. Valentine’s Day. What better way to tell your boat and fishing tackle how much you care about them! The best part of this special day is, our GM’s are also full of valentines emotions and wish to show you just how much.

From GM with love:
GM events

On Tuesday 14.02.2017 from 00:01am – 23:59pm CET you will receive 100% XP bonus from catching fish as well as 50% more chance to receive Fortune Cards during this time.

Valentine’s day drop event

We introduce a new event to our server. From 14.2. until the 28.2. You have the chance to get up to 3 Valentine’s Chocolates per fish by using the “swing” attack. The Chocolate items can be opened to receive random items. The higher the fish level is, compared to your character level, the higher is the chance for getting the chocolate. So challenge the biggest fish in the ocean and get this chocolate!

Pearl Shop sale

Also during this special time, we have some great offers on Pearls packs.

On 14.2.2017 from 4pm CET to 8pm CET you will get a 25% discount on the Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages.

Clothing and fishing gear sale

But hold on, we are not finished. We also have reduced the prices on all pearl clothing and clothing packages as well as on all pearl rod, reels and fishing gear packages by 25%

Be our Valentine
Your WoF Team