World of Fishing Shut down

Hello dear anglers.

Today we have sad news for you. Unfortunately, after 18 months we cannot continue the operation of “World of Fishing” and will therefore permanently shut down game operations on 31.07.2017.

Despite our efforts since the OBT start in November 2015, we were not able to meet our expectations with the game. We would sincerely like to thank you all for your contributions and support on this game and hope that you had a great time with World of Fishing.

With the decommissioning of the game, a few challenges arise, which we would like to face. On the one hand, we want to give all our loyal players the opportunity to play a full two months of WoF and use their remaining Pearls in a meaningful and practical manner. We want to give something back to our most loyal players for their support. For this reason, we will send the basic edition of “Guardians of Ember” to all the players who have ever purchased real-money in the Pearl Shop.

Players who have purchased a WoF Steam DLC will be automatically credited for this game. All other players who purchased via our Pearl shop will receive a newsletter with a Steam Key for the game. With this announcement the Pearl shop is also permanently closed with immediate effect.

In order to make the next two months as beautiful as possible, we will run massive bonus events, so that all players can enjoy the last bit of fishing. We will provide further information about these events in the next few days.

We regret the shut down, but hope that all players had fun during our time together. We thank you for your great support and wish you all the best.

Your World of Fishing Team